Pastor James Tracey was born to an alcoholic, abusive father and a nominally Christian mother who divorced when he was eleven.  His mother remarried in just a couple years and his step father adopted him, his brother and sister, providing a stable home life through high school.  
After three years in the army where he was exposed to alcohol and drugs, he returned to Pittsburgh.  A couple years of civilian life as a roofer only exacerbated his alcohol and drug abuse.  At age 22 he cried out to God in his parents attic while in a drunken stupor.  August that year he met Kathy O’Donnell whom he married in December.  The following spring he was called by God into full-time ministry 

While at Bible College in Lakeland Florida the Lord directed Pastor Tracey to start a new Assemblies of God church McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania.  In 1989, he and his wife began mid-week Bible studies in their home with that goal in mind.  They started Sunday morning services in their home on Easter 1990, and with the Lord’s help, purchased a building in 1991. He continues to serve as the Pastor today.


Easter Sunday 1990, the first Sunday morning worship service was held in the Tracey’s dining room.  Offerings were received for the first time and the church began to move forward.  By the fall of that year Pastor Jim felt compelled by the Lord to add a Sunday evening service.  As he prayerfully considered how the Lord would have him to proceed, he felt directed to conduct a prayer meeting.  These Sunday night prayer meetings remain a staple of our church where people gather to declare the good things God is doing in their lives and to seek His face for personal and corporate direction.

The building located at the corner of 9th and Broadway in West Park, Stowe Township, our current church building, was purchased in 1991.  In 1993 Pastor Jim and Kathy agreed the Lord was saying it was time for him to quit his secular job and become a full-time Pastor.  By the fall of the year McKees Rocks Assembly, with the guidance of the Sectional Home Missions Committee, moved from Home Mission status to a self-governing, self-sustaining, General Council Affiliated Assembly of God Church.

Only the Lord knows what lies ahead, but we are convinced He has good things in store for us.  We know He is faithful to complete that which He has begun, and convinced He has begun this work, He will complete it.